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 California State University, Fullerton



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Shelter In Place

FOR A CLASS OR OFFICE Exercise/Discussion,  please use this document .

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL RELEASE from fires, explosions or chemical spills, or SEVERE WEATHER CONDITION, such as a lightning storm, large hail or tornado:

    • Go immediately indoors and close all windows and doors.
    • For soot/ash from local fires and chemical spills, close off all air from under doors, or wherever air could seep into the room.
    • For tornadoes, seek shelter in the lowest, most inner part of the building.
    • For floods, move to upper floors.
    • Do not leave your shelter until directed so by authorized personnel.
    • Check out this informative video for examples of chemical spill sheltering.



Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation: Watch "Shots Fired on Campus." Approximately 20 minutes long and extremely important information.

HOMELAND SECURITY has recently released this video on Active Shooter response.  Approximately 4 minute You Tube video and you can skip the ad.

HERE IS THE A.C.T. VIDEO of how students can disarm a threat (8.5 minutes long, and worth it.)

WHAT TO DO: Dangerous situations, such as a person with a gun, or other weapon.

  • If the threat is NEAR YOU and YOU CAN ESCAPE:
    • MOVE AWAY from it, do so as quickly as possible.  RUN, if possible.
  • If the threat is near you and YOU CANNOT ESCAPE:
  • Find a secure room and LOCK THE DOOR:
    • Put any big object in front of the door to prevent entry.
    • Turn off the lights and silence off all electronic devices
    • Hide behind furniture and be a quiet as possible.
    • Wait for University Police to release you from your position.
      • HIDE, as best you can, but be prepared to disarm the threat:
      • Two to five persons (Attack Team) should be just inside the door to knock down the weapon and push the shooter to the floor and disarm.
      • Set a table up on its side by the door to block a clear view of the room from the door.
      • Set a chair or desk by the door to slow the approach and help trip the attacker, then darken the room as much as possible.
      • As the attacker enters, throw something to the opposite side of the room to distract the shooter from the Attack Team's location.
      • Other persons in the room should stay away from the entrance "line of sight" to avoid gunfire.
  • Do everything you can to survive until University Police respond.
  • When Police enter the room, follow their instructions carefully.


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has an informative 45-minute on-line course on Active Shooter Situations that everyone should take. Go to: