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 California State University, Fullerton



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Emergency Preparedness Events

Preparing for emergencies takes practice.  At CSUF we strive to provide the training and experience necessary to train our faculty, staff and students on what to do whenever the "unforeseen" happens...


Every fall semester (2nd week of September) and every spring semester (1st week of April), we conduct campus-wide evacuation drills.  Know where your evacuation area is from the building you are in.


Drop, Cover and Hold On!  Evacuate ONLY if you feel it is unsafe to stay inside, but GENERALLY, it is safer to remain indoors, than to go outside.  The Great ShakeOut week will provide much more information on surviving "the Big One."


Every February, there will be an announcement about the proper response to situations where you must either shelter in place, or run from danger.

How we practice:  Earthquake Preparedness on August 10, 2012

Our campus CERT team in action   In a major earthquake scenario, we tested the ability of our campus CERT and Medical teams to respond, along with the response of University Police and the activation of our EOC.  See more photos here.