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 California State University, Fullerton



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Earthquake Exercise 2012.

Date:  August 10, 2012.
Staged:  Pine Residence Hall and the soccer field.
Participants:  University Police, Campus-CERT, Medical Emergency Response Team
Parking and volunteers from campus and the community.
Photos by Raymond Denton


   Sue Fisher instructs participants          Gian Nguyen plays a victim
Sue Fisher instructs participants.       CSO Gian Nguyen is made up as a victim. 

   Earthquake victim awaits rescue          John Chappel plays a victim
Earthquake victim awaits rescue.      John Chappell plays a victim.

CERT members form teams          CERT members tend to a victim

CERTmembers confer on a plan.         CERT members tend to a victim.

CERT members form teams.          Dave Hendershot as victim

CERTmembers form teams.                  CERT tends to victim Dave Hendershot.

   University Police officer responds           University Polile officers assist the rescue
A police officer checks on victims.         Other officers assist.

    CSO Danielle plays hysterical victim          Danielle is consoled by Counseling
CSO Danielle plays an emotional victim.  University Counseling staff help out.

    Pam McLaren interviews Michael Boyce          Tynan Young plays a victim
Pam McLaren interviews Michael Boyce.  TynanYoung plays a victim.

    Observers Morin, Emrick and Widney look on          Observers with Heather Williams         
Observers Linda Morin,                     Observers with Heather Williams.

Brenda Emrick, Anne Widney.
Ms. Cappucio and Ms. Williams with students          Police Officers work with CERT members    
Student Assistants Jennifer and Joey     Police officers work with CERT.
 with Ms. Cappucio and Ms. Williams.