Office/Workplace Preparedness

Initial Assessment:

  • Know the emergency exits from every work space.
  • Verify that everything that could move or fall during an earthquake has been secured to the wall or floor.
  • Devise "buddy systems" so that everyone is accounted for in an evacuation.
  • Evaluate the challenges that you might face during an evacuation.

Plan for emergencies:

  • If there is a first aid kit in your areas, make sure that it is up to date.
  • Keep a few bottles of water, a whistle, and flashlight (with extra batteries, or the crank kind) under your desk.
  • Keep emergencies numbers for all of your staff on your cell phone, or on a list that everyone carries.
  • Keep back up information about your work on flash drives or other back up devices.
  • Keep a bag handy in which to toss your laptop, or other important portable items during an evacuation.
  • Follow instructions for every emergency exercise and event.
  • Note the nearest location of a AED, or First Aid/CPR-trained person.
  • Be personally prepared for an emergency.