Shelter In Place, or Run/Fight

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1. The California State University produced this "Run, Hide, Fight" video.  And it is also available in Spanish: Run, Hide, Fight (En Español).
2. Ohio State University recently released an outstanding video, "Surviving an Active Shooter"Opens in new window for their campus, but the tactics can apply at any campus.  Video is 6 minutes long.
3. HERE IS THE A.C.T. VIDEO of how students can disarm a threat Opens in new window   8.5 minutes long, and worth it. This document shows a suggestion on how to disarm someone, too.
4. New York University's  Department of Public Safety produced  a really great video of an active shooter situation.  NOTE, that CSUF also has an emergency notification system and acts similarly to NYU's.

WHAT TO DO: Dangerous situations, such as a person with a gun, or other weapon.

  • If the threat is NEAR YOU and YOU CAN ESCAPE:
    • MOVE AWAY from it, do so as quickly as possible.  RUN, if possible.
  • If the threat is near you and YOU CANNOT ESCAPE:
  • Find a secure room and LOCK THE DOOR:
    • Put any big object in front of the door to prevent entry.
    • Turn off the lights and silence off all electronic devices
    • Hide behind furniture and be a quiet as possible.
    • Wait for University Police to release you from your position.
    • HIDE, as best you can, but be prepared to disarm the threat:
    • Two to five persons (Attack Team) should be just inside the door to knock down the weapon and push the shooter to the floor and disarm.
    • Set a table up on its side by the door to block a clear view of the room from the door.
    • Set a chair or desk by the door to slow the approach and help trip the attacker, then darken the room as much as possible.
    • As the attacker enters, throw something to the opposite side of the room to distract the shooter from the Attack Team's location.
    • Other persons in the room should stay away from the entrance "line of sight" to avoid gunfire.
  • Do everything you can to survive until University Police respond. Remember to check out the videos listed above!
  • When Police enter the room, show your hands and follow their instructions carefully.


HAZARDOUS MATERIAL RELEASE from fires, explosions or chemical spills, or SEVERE WEATHER CONDITION , such as a lightning storm, large hail or tornado:

Go immediately indoors and close all windows and doors.
For soot/ash from local fires and chemical spills, close off all air from under doors, or wherever air could seep into the room.
For tornadoes, seek shelter in the lowest, most inner part of the building.
For floods, move to upper floors.
Do not leave your shelter until directed so by authorized personnel.
Check out this informative video for examples of chemical spill sheltering.


FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has an informative 45-minute on-line course on Active Shooter Situations that everyone should take. Go to: in new window